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Rabbit Trails Redirect (Volume Two): Don't All Roads Lead to God? — Hardcover

Rabbit Trails Redirect (Volume Two): Don't All Roads Lead to God? — Hardcover

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We must finally acknowledge that distance from His Light welcomes darkness and distance from His Word invites deception. We desperately long to find the answers to our questions without having to give up any of our self-proclaimed rights. We diligently search the open road to find the truth that doesn't require us to change our way of thinking or living. How determinedly we grapple with the incessant need to define the undefinable, to explain the unexplainable, prove the unprovable, or to pridefully attempt to put God, the Creator of the Universe, in a box.


The open road leads to many avenues of enticing, yet dead-end spirituality. We embrace the non-threatening, cuddly blankets of spiritual fluff in order to feel good. We swallow something deliciously palatable that doesn't convict us in our spirit, hold us accountable to a divine standard, conflict with our choices, or require us to take a courageous stand of faith. The initial spoonful of deliciousness quickly dissipates leaving us with the empty, unsatisfied craving we had before. The only way that our soul will ever be truly satisfied, and our destiny discovered, is when we choose to surrender complete control to Jesus, as our Lord and Savior.


A deep chasm lies between the fruits of God and the fruits of Satan! There will never be a point of proximity, comparison, or similarity between God and Satan, as Satan would have us to believe. Satan flaunts the deception that sympathy, empathy, tolerance, and compassion for sin casually resides in an imaginary gray area between the two. Our loving, compassionate, and long-suffering Heavenly Father only asks one thing from His beloved make a choice.


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