D.L. Bollinger — author of the Rabbit Trails Redirect book series


has an insatiable desire for learning and growing that has led her to accomplish many pursuits. Founding several companies as well as broadening her quest for knowledge led her to become a certified Interior Designer, a Master Gardener, and certified Herbalist. DL and her husband of 45 years work closely with and support numerous ministries and serve on multiple ministry boards, however, it was her deep hunger for the word of God that led to years of studying the Bible, teaching Bible Studies and very reluctantly writing for over twenty years, thinking this exercise of obedience was meant to teach and train only her. Understanding the inestimable value that Godly influences of righteousness have made in her life, DL was inspired to try to follow their example and through obedience leave a legacy of the same for future generations. 100% of the  proceeds of Rabbit Trails Redirect (Volume One) will be given to God as a first fruits offering, to bless ministries that lift up the Name of Jesus and operate in obedience according to His Word.

  • “DL Bollinger’s Rabbit Trails Redirect is encouraging, challenging, and inspiring all at once! Her insights into familiar passages and biblical truths are truly Holy Spirit directed.”


  • “This refreshing book takes difficult and sometimes controversial topics and explains what the Bible says is true. It’s my hope that this book will create a hunger in you to know more of God’s Word.”


  • “Upon reading, you will be shaken with the loving and careful way she leads you to embrace the truth of Scripture, and you will be convicted and reminded just how far we have all drifted from the foundational truths of our faith.”


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