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Rabbit Trails Redirect (Volume One) — Paperback

Rabbit Trails Redirect (Volume One) — Paperback

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“We stumble and fall chasing deceptive false promises of pleasure, fulfillment, spirituality, and convenience, as we blindly follow every rabbit trail that offers to satisfy our selfish, hedonistic, sensibilities of self.” 


Rabbit Trails Redirect leads those searching for spiritual clarity, back to the Word of God for answers. Whether Jew or Gentile, Christian or atheist, Believer or unbeliever, this book is not only for those who have never read the Bible from cover to cover, but for every hungry soul seeking the wisdom and truth given to us only by our Creator.

“My wife, Debbie, and I have been so blessed by our friendship with Debbie Bollinger, and we are thrilled to recommend her new book. Rabbit Trails Redirect is not your conventional Biblical reference guide. This refreshing book takes difficult and sometimes controversial topics and explains what the Bible says is true. It’s my hope that this book will create a hunger in you to know more of God’s Word.” 

Founding Lead Senior Pastor, Gateway Church, Bestselling Author of The Blessed LifeBeyond Blessed, and Take the Day Off


“D.L. Bollinger takes us on a startling journey of our faith, reminding us of our roots and core values as Christians. Rabbit Trails Redirect is a clarion of truth for a Christian culture that finds itself in “muddied” moral waters. Acting as a compass, pointing us back to our “true north,” DL Bollinger has given us this work of truth spoken in love. From the very first chapter, we are made aware of just how far we have drifted from the faith and values that have held us steady and identified us as Christians. Every page is weighted with Scripture, and presented with no apology, no compromise. We would be wise to read each page carefully and to then weigh our lives against the challenging truth of each chapter.”

PhD, Director of Bethesda School of Ministry


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